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Most private flight activity in general aviation consists of a pilot going up alone for an hour or two. The rest consists of travel and carrying more than one passenger. So, why learn to fly an aicraft that carries more than two people and requires a more expensive training regimen, when most of your flying will just involve you and maybe a passenger? 

If you think flying the family on vacation will be the focus of your flying, then certainly a Private Pilot license should be your goal. To start, even a Sport Pilot license can help you build hours less expensively that you can apply towards gaining your Private License.

As a Sport Pilot, you can take a passenger up for those short local flights. As a Sport Pilot, you can also take that passenger on a long flight to visit relatives or take a vacation. With proper training, there is little a Sport Pilot can't do in comparison with a Private Pilot.

To obtain a Private Pilot license or more advanced, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires the pilot to be able to pass an FAA physcial. If you fail that physical, you do not fly at all until or if the issue is resolved. With Sport Pilot, a valid driver's license can be used as meeting the FAA physical requirement.

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