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There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings. 
 — Wilbur Wright, 1905
Have you thought about learning to fly?  Have you thought it was too expensive?  If The expense of learning to fly can truly be a hindrance. But if you entertain one of mankind's oldest dreams and desires, to soar above the clouds with the angels, there are other options that may put that dream within reach.

Traditionally, new students were set on a path for a private pilot license. This license provides the utility some students desire, but it is also the cost of that license that causes the perception that learning to fly is too expensive. In 2003, the FAA introduced a new level of pilot license; that of Sport Pilot. Along with an airplane that meets the requirements of light sport flight, the Sport Pilot license offers a lower cost entry to learning to fly. Requiring only half the training time of a Private Pilot license, the cost of obtaining a Sport Pilot license can be as little as one half to one third of that of the Private Pilot.

There are restricitions in the type of aircraft and type of flying a Sport Pilot can utilize, but if you're goal is to learn to fly for fun and excitement, then Sport Pilot might be for you. It can also be a good stepping stone to earn a Private License and additional ratings in the future, all the while earning experience and flight time as a Sport Pilot which may be applied to the requirements for Private Pilot. 

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